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The Google Analytics alternative ‘Made in Germany’

No US data transfer

etracker Analytics: Web, App, Shop, UX & Marketing Analytics
for successful online marketing in compliance with all legal requirements

Trusted by many thousands of
companies of all sizes and from all sectors
for more than 20 years

The most important facts about the Cookie and
Schrems II judgements

Why is etracker Analytics

Why Google Analytics is so much
of a problem in the EU?

How easy is it to switch to etracker?


Maximum data power
legally compliant and independent of cookie consents

Total opt-in freedom

With the standard configuration of etracker you can completely do without cookie notifications, as long as no other unnecessary cookies are used.

Tracking despite cookie rejection

etracker Analytics cookieless enables session tracking without consent.

Cookie-based with consent

Our recognition technology ensures customer journey tracking even under ITP of Firefox and Safari – even beyond seven days


Discover etracker Analytics

Always everything in focus

The interactive dashboard presents the most important information about the website and campaigns on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Reports that are worth seeing

Thanks to the data visualization you can quickly recognize trends and react immediately.

Shop analysis at its best

Gain important insights into product performance, search and onsite teaser, up to the ordering process.

Go into the depths with UX analysis

Recognize directly projected on your web pages, how far and long visitors scroll and thus, which content is seen at all.


Integration and setup in a flash

Per Plugin

This is the easiest way: download the plugin, install, configure, done!

Auto tracking

Just the standard tag in the website header is enough for etracker to automatically capture the most important information.

Tag configuration without coding

Any type of event can be captured as clicks, funnel steps or conversions using CSS selectors and wizards.

Google & Microsoft Ads Upload

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads conversions are transferred automatically and are available directly in the ads account to control the campaigns.


etracker offers even more
for data-driven marketing

Customers become friends

Use web push to provide customers with up-to-date news and bring them back to your website.


What characterizes us

Successful for 20 years

+10.000 Accounts

State-of-the-art SaaS BI technology

Made & stored in Germany

+500 Agency Partner

First class support & consulting

100% data protection & data sovereignty

~50 employees

Easy to use


Ressources that suites you

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