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Access & Using

Purpose of the REST Report API

The etracker REST Report API is an interface you can use to develop your own applications using the etracker data or to further process this data at your company.

Access to the REST Report API

The Rest Report API is available in the etracker Analytics Enterprise Edition. To use it, a so-called developer token is necessary.

Save a valid email address with our Customer Service in order to receive a developer token: service@etracker.com. Using this email address and the developer token, you will be authorised to access etracker data using the etracker REST Report API.

The email address and the developer token are to be supplied in each Web Service Request within the query header.


In order to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorised use of the etracker Web Services API, you should keep the developer token confidential.

Using the REST Report API

To simplify using the etracker REST Report API, you should create a REST client. The structure of the client depends on the programming language used. The client sends the queries to the service and returns defined values which can then be further processed.

Apart from the development environment for the programming language used, you will not need any additional software or installation on your system.

Structure of the URL for the REST Calls

The etracker REST API only accepts calls via https. All of the calls described in this document are GET queries. The address of the etracker REST Server is ws.etracker.com and the basic URI for all queries is /api/rest/v6. The REST calls can be written with or without parameters. REST calls for calling report data without parameters are not recommended as under certain circumstances very large data quantities are returned. The parameters do not differentiate between upper and lower case. Example with parameters for calling data from the report ‘Device’:


The same example without parameters (not recommended):


Return Values

The format of the return values of etracker REST Report API queries is either JSON or CSV. CSV is only supported when querying report data and only returns when the format is queried explicitly. With the JSON returns, one JSON array or JSON object always comes back even if just one value is returned. The etracker REST Report API works with the coding UTF-8. All data which the API provides or receives must be coded in UTF-8. Special characters like German umlauts are partially returned in the form of JavaScript Escape sequences. An “ä” character, for example, would be “\u00e4” in the return data. Most JSON parsers automatically convert these kinds of Escape sequences into letters.


Each REST Report query must have a header. This is for performing the authentication to the API.

The following header information is mandatory.

  • X-ET-email: This header element includes the email address of the developer who has access to the API.
  • X-ET-developerToken: This header element includes the developer token which you can request from the etracker Support.
  • X-ET-accountId: This element includes the etracker account ID. For authentication purposes, an etracker sub-user can also be entered (format: #accountId#-#subuserId#)
  • X-ET-password: This element includes the password of the etracker account.


X-ET-email=qa@etracker.com X-ET-developerToken=ab7891ca89d9b4d10dc1703a7f0214256babe6c9 X-ET-accountId=18854 X-ET-password=demo

In Firefox you can also use the modify headers externsion to send these headers