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First steps

Here you can find out how to access the etracker application and how you can change basic settings.


The functions of etracker Analytics can be accessed via the etracker website:

  1. Open the etracker website www.etracker.com.
  2. Click on Login to the top right.
  3. Enter your ID and password and click on Log in.

Log out

To end the current session, click to the top right of the navigation bar on Account Info and, in the window that opens, to the bottom left on Logout.

Account settings

Domains for Web Analysis

Here, enter all of the domains of your web activities which you would like analysed in the respective account or in which a matching tracking code was implemented. These domains as well as their subdomains are detected automatically as internal referrers and not shown incorrectly as (external) referrers in the reports.

Time zone of the web server

If Central European Time is not the right time zone for your website, you can adjust it.

IP exclusion

If you wish to prevent the recording of internal access in etracker reports, you have the option to exclude IP areas from being counted. To exclude certain addresses, simply add one or more IP addresses separated by semicolons.

Due to data protection specifications, etracker only processes truncated IP addresses, which is why the filter option only comprises three blocks.

If external access should also be excluded by entering the IP range, it is better to use the discrepancy link in the Data Protection area in order to exclude internal access from being counted.

Automatic Recording of Events

For the automatic recording of clicks on external links, including social media links and downloads of documents und image files, you can make the necessary settings here.

Automatic Recording of UTM Campaign Parameters

If you use links with Google campaign parameters, then these can be automatically matched in etracker as Medium and Campaign. You do not need to laboriously change existing links, instead you can use the convenient UTM link creator of agencies or third-party solutions. Recording starts directly after activation.

Rejection Option via First-Party Cookie and Tracking Opt-in

A data protection declaration on your website in which you inform your users about the purpose and scope of data collection, saving and the creation of user profiles is mandatory in Germany. In the data protection declaration, there should also be the option to refuse the collection of data. (opt-out). Here, simply use the sample text and incorporate it directly into your HTML page. Replace the placeholder yourdomain.com with your own top level domain. There is a button in the pattern text which the user can click on in order to confirm their refusal. If you would like to integrate your own function or design instead of the provided refusal button, you also have the refusal function available to you as a link and JavaScript function. See https://www.etracker.com/support/mittels-first-party-cookie/ Unlike in Germany, some EU countries demand the express compliance of the website visitor before beginning tracking (tracking opt-in). Of course, etracker also offers you this function and you can activate it if needed.

User Settings

Language & Date Format

If desired, switch the date format from German to English.

User Management

An account can be used by multiple users. Under Account Info User Management you can add, change and delete other users. Using the permission profiles you can determine the respective access permissions. Currently you can choose between ‘Analyse’ or ‘Analyse & Edit’. Similarly for authorisation profiles, you can, if required, define if or indeed which “multiple clients” (that is, additional accounts) should be assigned to which profile(s).

Multiple Clients

As a company or agency with multiple websites running or monitored, you can flexibly connect the different accounts with each other. Further information on multiple clients https://www.etracker.com/support/themen/bedienung/etracker-analytics/web-analytics/