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Function and purpose of the etracker xt:Commerce Plugin

The xt:Commerce plugin is for setting up the etracker tracking code in xt:Commerce. Here, the plugin offers a number of etracker functions directly. Along with the complete integration of etracker Analytics, the plugin also supports all functions. The plugin was tested with the xt:Commerce versions 3.5.6 and 4.0.3.

Installing the etracker xt:Commerce Plugin

Install the plugin using the following Download.

Configuring the etracker xt:Commerce Plugin

The plugin was developed in such a way that it can cover everything, from small to large shops. The configuration parameters are briefly described in the following. These can be configured in the plugin settings of the xt:Commerce Plugin Manager.

General Configuration Parameters

  • etracker Master Code The Master Code should be used in Multi-Shop mode. It makes sure that you can manage different clients together in etracker.
  • etracker ID Code This field is the only mandatory field in the etracker plugin. After setting the etracker code, the plugin can be integrated into the frontend and attached to the block which is preconfigured in the “Block” configuration field. You can find the etracker ID code (Account Key 1) in the etracker account under Setup/Tracking Code > Account Key after clicking on the etracker ID.

Configuration Parameters of the Lead-Sale interface

By default, the orders are treated as sales using the plugin. If you would like to differentiate between sales, leads and cancellations, you will need to set up the lead-sale interface. To do so, tick the box beside “Lead-Sale interface” and configure the following additional parameters for the plugin:

  • Customer number The number of your etracker account. You can also use this number on the etracker website for logging in.
  • et_key A security key which is used for confirming the leads and sales. You can find this key in the etracker account under Setup/Tracking CodeAccount Key by clicking on “etracker ID”. The security key (etracker API key) can be found under “Account Key 1”.

As soon as these parameters have been configured, you will need to create a cronjob on the server. The following code should be listed: This should be executed every five minutes. It notifies etracker of which orders had a change to their order status so that the system knows when a lead has been converted into a sale. Note: As soon as the lead-sale interface has been set up, the Product Performance Reports will also run.