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Requirements for Using

Testing & Targeting can be used to its full extent and under the following basic requirements without any additional adjustments.

Integrating the Tracking Code

So that etracker can record your website’s data, you will need to insert the etracker tracking code into the HTML source code on each page of your website or in the template of your Content Management System or Shop System. To avoid flickering effects, you should integrate the tracking code directly after the opening <head> tag or as close as possible to it. In addition, you can set the timeout parameter et_popto. This standard integration of the tracking code is sufficient for the use of Testing & Targeting. etracker immediately begins tracking the website and the pagenames are generated automatically. The URL paths of the pages without URL parameters are used as the pagenames. Further information on the tracking code can be found in the Technical Manual. The tracking code is provided in the Settings Setup/Tracking Code menu point.

Dynamic content in the Visual Editor

If a page contains dynamically post-loading content, the Visual Editor will show this as white windows which you cannot edit.