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Checklist for Using A/B Testings

With this checklist, you can check if all of the prerequisites for the A/B testing of Testing & Targeting exist on your website.

You can export an A/B test to your website under these conditions

  • The tracking code is integrated at the very top of the page in the head section.
  • The customer account is active and has a sufficient test quota.
  • The page to be tested is correctly defined in the test configuration.
  • The test is activated.

The Visual Editor of the A/B testing can generally be used under these conditions

  • The website to be tested is accessible for the Testing & Targeting server via the Internet. The website in particular must be neither login-protected nor part of an Intranet separate from the Internet.
  • The page to be tested and their dynamic content must not require cookies, as can be necessary in some order processes, for example.
  • You do not wish to edit any Flash films or dynamic content in the Visual Editor.
  • The page to be tested should contain as little JavaScript as possible. By integrating CSS and jQuery code (see the following section), you can, if you wish, use the Visual Editor on pages with problematic JavaScript code.

Under these conditions, you can use the Visual Editor when, for example, it cannot open a page due to the JavaScript code

  • Create a local version of the page (by copying the source text and opening the page in the browser).
  • Add CSS and jQuery code to this page so that the desired version is created. The problematic page will then be loaded in the Visual Editor.
  • Carry out the test configuration to its completion.