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Data Protection Information

In the EU it is mandatory to inform your website visitors about the use of etracker Analytics on your website. You do this in your privacy policy. In addition, there must be the option to object to the collection of data with etracker.

We will provide you with the appropriate sample text for etracker Analytics with an individual opt-out link directly in your account under Settings → Account → Data protection notice and right to object. You can simply copy and paste this text.

Respect Do Not Track

In order to comply with the requirements of the data protection authorities within the EU, we have implemented a Do Not Track setting (DNT) in the etracker tracking code from version 4.1 onwards and extended the tracking code by the Respect Do not Track parameter (data-respect-dnt=”true”). If a user has activated the Do Not Track setting in the browser, no requests will be sent from the client to etracker and the user will not be recorded when visiting your site.

If you are using an etracker tracking code version prior to 4.1 on your website, you have to add the Respect Do not Track parameter to your code!

The corresponding part of the tracking code must be as shown below:

<script id="_etLoader" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" data-secure-code="XXXXXX" data-respect-dnt="true" src="//static.etracker.com/code/e.js"></script>


Activating the Respect Do not Track settings can affect the key figures, especially for the device type “Desktop”.