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Parameter et_popto

With the help of the et_popto parameter, you can avoid flickering effects when viewing pages.

If the browser has loaded too much of the original page by the time etracker delivers the variant, then the original page will be shown briefly before the injection/redirect is executed by etracker. This is perceived as flickering and is usually the result of the browser requesting the page variants from etracker too late. The effect is visible in Chrome mainly because this browser renders very fast and can for this reason display the original page earlier than other browsers.

The first measure to prevent the flickering effect is to correctly install the tracking code at the very top of the page. This way, you can make sure that the connection to etracker is set up as quickly as possible. Only if the flickering effect persists should you set the parameter et_popto.

A white layer is laid over the page by default before displaying the page. It is removed when the variant is made visible through injection or with a redirect (after 300 milliseconds at the latest). This prevents flickering during the load time.

By setting the et_popto parameter, you can set this timeout to a longer period:

var et_popto     = "2000";
//String: Time until th elayer will be removed (in milliseconds)
// max. value: 3000
//Default "300"

etracker does not guarantee 100% availability of the etracker Optimiser server. If the server should fail, the white layer will be laid over the page for the set timeout period for every page in which the tracking code is installed. Only after that would the page become visible. For this reason, you should only change the standard value in justifiable cases and test the effect.